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General information

In the CAN you will find ideal spaces for to work, autonomy at your own daily rhythm and a good environment for creativity. You will also receive personalized treatment and support, and if you wish, an introduction to the environment. If not arranged otherwise, residents must provide food for breakfast and lunch. The CAN offers daily dinner - except Sundays - in the community dining room of La Bastida (8:30 p.m.), the only time to respect within the free work pace of each one. Every week the sheets are changed for our staff.

[ENGLISH] Casa Ramon disposa d'un taller de 15 m2 amb aigua corrent, bona llum natural i electricitat.
[ENGLISH] El comedor colectivo acoge las cenas comunitarias que se convierten en la hora de la comunicación y la...
[ENGLISH] L'edifici de La Bastida disposa de diferents tallers o espais de treball polivalents amb materials de...