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Useful information about Farrera and surroundings for residents

This is the eigthteenth year for the Centre d’Art i Natura in Farrera to offer workspaces and facilities to artists and natural scientists. In the meantime we are doing our best day by day to improve the service to this innovating local development project at Catalan high Pyrenees.

Farrera is at 1361 meters above sea level (the church). The village faces south and its valley is open to the west, making it a relatively clement and conducive place for human habitation. There are historical references to its existence more than 1,000 years ago. It is likely that it has been inhabited even longer than that.

After the severe depopulation of earlier decades (1900), in recent years the population of the village has now stabilized at 20/25 or so. Animal husbandry is the chief economic activity in the area. Farmers from Burg keep cattle in the village fields and pastures; the Bessoli’s family bring their sheep herds from the lowlands in the summer; domestic (and wild) animals are very much part of the landscape here.

When you arrive in Farrera please ask for Lluís Llobet, director of the Centre, or for Arnau, the cook. They will show you where you have to live and work. The Centre d’Art i Natura has renovated the old village school l’Estudi, Casa Ramon beside and from 2005 an old barn la Bastida into ateliers, kitchen, dining room and living studios. The communal dinner is served around 9 p.m. (8 p.m. in winter) and is the only fixed event in the day that otherwise each participant organizes as he or she thinks fit.

Information about nearby services

There are no shops in Farrera. You should bring with you whatever tools and materials you might need for your work, bearing in mind that are no specialized shops anywhere in the area. There are though all kinds of natural materials available in the immediate environment of Farrera, both organic and inorganic. The Centre d’Art i Natura put at your disposal an electronic piano Yamaha Clavinova, a microscope (binocular), a slides projector, a transparencies projector, a computer projector, tripods, easels and a computer (Mac). There is a Wi-fi internet connection from all the buildings. Residents can also use a specialized library of art, poetry and nature publications. 

There is a bakery and a bar-restaurant at Tírvia, 5 kilometers away; somewhat more commerce, including the bus and the bank, in Llavorsí, 12 kms away; and all the facilities of a “big” town in Sort, capital of Pallars Sobirà, witch has its market on Tuesdays (with public transport from Farrera only this day).

Weather and clothing recommendations

The one thing that can be said with certainty about the weather in Farrera is that it is variable, as one would expect in the high mountains. Rainfall occurs throughout the year, most frequent and heavy in spring and autumn. The climate is though generally dry. Winter can be quite harsh, with temperatures below zero at night and sometimes during the day as well. Snowfalls are frequent between December and March.

At any time of the year we recommend that you bring warm clothes, waterproof outer wear, good boots and sun protection.

Getting to Farrera (information map)