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Friends of the Centre d'Art i Natura

Friends of the Centre d'Art i Natura



The Association of Amics del CAN (Friends of the Centre d'Art i Natura) was created in 1998 to facilitate the development of CAN. With nearly a hundred members, since 2007 this association is who manages the project in all its breadth and cultural programming designs.

The objectives of the nonprofit organization are:

1 - Support the Project Centre d'Art i Natura and, if necessary, manage funds and getting it all means for their overall development.

2 - Grouping all those people and institutions that show interest in the Project Centre d'Art i Natura and channel their their financial support, equipment, logistics, intellectual and moral.

3 - Strengthen the work of recovery and protection of cultural and natural heritage of Farrera and its mountain environment.

4 - To promote cultural and artistic development in Farrera.

The board consists of:

President: Pere Bàscones
Vice-President: Josep Mañà
Treasurer: Teresa M. Sala
Secretary: Xavier Perarnau
Members: Anna Rubio

How to become a partner / member of the Friends of the CAN

How to become a partner / member of the Friends of the CAN? With an annual fee of € 30 or another amount. Members enjoy the following benefits:

Advantages of being a member of the Friends of the Centre d'Art i Natura:
- 10% of discounts on publications of  the CAN
- 10% of discounts on the price of tuition courses
- 10% of discount over housing costs in your residence stays.
- Updated information on the activities of the CAN
- Edition of postcards with reproductions of works of our Art collection
if we have enough founds

Es presenta 'El riu de les dones'

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Submitted by admin on Tue, 2012-10-23 09:35

El passat dissabte 30 de març es va presentar el llibre El riu de les dones, Converses amb les padrines del Parc Natural de l’Alt Pirineu al Centre d’Art i Natura de Farrera. Es tracta d’un estudi etnogràfic realitzat gràcies a la Beca CAN a la Recerca 2011, concedida a l’antropòleg Jordi Suñé Morales.